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The ACP offers a wide range of classes, workshops and camp programs with the goal of making art experiences meaningful, instructive, fun and accessible for people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. For beginning to advanced level students, our programs in visual and performing arts, taught by experienced professional artists, are designed to provide the expert instruction our students need in order to try out new media,
learn new techniques, or hone existing skills. We believe that making art and engaging in the creative process enhances life. We know from numerous national studies that education in the arts improves literacy and academic achievement in young people and can make significant differences in life experiences for older adults. Sign up today... be creative and have some fun!
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New Classes in Orange A Adults   C Children  PT Pre-Teens  S Seniors  T Teens
Class Title Age Day Time Start Instructor
Botanical ArtAF10am-1pm4/11Councell
Lightweight Felted ScarfA/TS12:30pm-4:30pm4/12Toth
Darkroom & 35mm Photo: IntroA/TW6pm-8pm4/16Cook
Draw 101: New BeginningsA/TW6pm-7:30pm4/16Carlowicz
Beginning WatercolorA/TTh6:30pm-9:30pm4/17DiLorenzo
Handbuild & Wheel Intro: TH PMA/TTh6:30pm-9:30pm4/17Lampert-Rudman
Abstract ExpressionismA/TM10am-1pm4/21Shill
Picture Book DummyA/TT6:30pm-8:30pm4/22DiLorenzo
Picture Book IllustrationA/TW10am-12pm4/23DiLorenzo
Powerful Pastels [PM]A/TW6pm-8pm4/23Smith
Sew Easy: Going Green!8-12F4pm-5:30pm4/25Evans
Paint Out: CommuniversityA/TSu12:30pm-5:30pm4/27TBD
Intro to Encaustic PaintingA/TM1:30pm-3:30pm4/28Shatzky
Watercolor ExplorationAW10am-1pm4/30Councell
Light Up the DarkA/TW7pm-9:00pm4/30Khan
Alla Prima Painting: W/S (May)A/T5/2Lafuente
Paint Out: MorvenA/TSu10:30am-3:30pm5/4TBD
Plein Air at Morven: Draw/PaintA/TM9:30am-12:30pm5/5Viera
Draw & Paint in the AtelierA/TM9:30am-12:30pm5/5Kogge
Mixed Media Drawing II [Tue]A/TT10am-12:30pm5/6Antin
Eco-Printing: MorvenA/TW9:30am-12:30pm5/7Spiro
Photo for Home School13-16W1:30-3pm5/7Cook
Art A to Z: Home School "Z"4-6W1:30pm-3:00pm5/7Gwazda
Nature & Sci: Insects/Dinos8-12W1:30pm-3:00pm5/7Hoenig
Colored Pencils II [Thurs]A/TTh10am-12:30pm5/8Antin
Portrait Painting: Single SessionA/TTh9:30am-12:30pm5/8Brown
Felted FlowersAll AgesS1pm-4:00pm5/10Toth
Nature Photo: WatershedA/TS3pm-6:00pm5/10Fiori
Ceramics: Artful ArrangementsA/TM10am-1pm5/12Preziosi
Watercolor: Pv't ParadisesAM10am-1pm5/12Councell
Girl Scouts: Drawing (Juniors)CS2pm-5:00pm5/17DiLorenzo
Girl Scouts: Drawing (Juniors)CS10am-1pm5/17DiLorenzo
Girl Scouts: Pottery (Brownies)CS10am-1pm5/17Lampert-Rudman
Girl Scouts: Painting(Brownies)CS2pm-5:00pm5/17Gwazda
Girl Scouts: Comics (Cadette)CS10:00am-1:00pm5/17Kalison
Plethora of Flora I: Morven5-8Su12:30pm-3:30pm5/18Evans
Landscape Painting: MorvenA/TTh9:30am-12:30pm5/29Brown
Precious Metal Clay: RingsA/TS9am-5:00pm5/31Lampert-Rudman
Memory QuiltsA/TS9:30am-12pm5/31Ree
Eco-Printing: WatershedA/TS9:30am-12:30pm6/7Spiro
Precious Metal Clay: BeadsA/TS9am-5:00pm6/7Lampert-Rudman
Plethora of Flora II: Morven7-10Su12:30pm-3:30pm6/8Evans
Dig Cartoons/Comics:Camp10-12M-F9:00am-3:30pm6/9Kalison
Photo Print: Fabric [Sat]A/TS10am-12pm6/14Stadelmeier
Small Felted bagA/TS12:30pm-4:30pm6/14Toth
Dig Cartoons/Comics:Camp13-16M-F9:00am-3:30pm6/16Kalison
Classical Portrait PaintingA/T9:30am-4:00pm6/20Murdoch
Pottery 101: June [full-day]TM-F9am-3:30pm6/23Preziosi
Draw/Paint & Paper/PrintPTM-F9am-3:30pm6/23Metaxas
Costume Design [full-day]TM-F9am-3:30pm6/23Sacripante
Art & Animals AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-12pm6/23Gwazda
Art & Animals AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-12pm6/23Shingle
Art & Animals FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-3:30pm6/23Kisby
After Care: Studios #1PTM-F3:30pm-6:00pm6/23TBD
After Care - Art & Animals5-9M-F3:30pm-6:00pm6/23TBD
Art & Animals FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-3:30pm6/23Evans
Before Care - Art & Animals5-9M-F8am-9am6/23TBD
Indigo Dye/Batik: MorvenA/TS10am-4:00pm6/28Sawires
After Care: Studios #2PTM-Th3:30pm-6pm6/30TBD
Draw Acad & Painting ImpTM-Th9am-3:30pm6/30Hoenig
Manga Master PM [13-16]TM-Th12:30pm-3:30pm6/30Becker
Before Care - Art & Celebration5-9M-Th8am-9:00am6/30
Art & Celebration AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-Th9am-12pm6/30Shingle
Art & Celebration FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-Th9am-3:30pm6/30Gwazda
Manga Master AM [10-12]PTM-Th9am-12pm6/30Becker
Art & Celebration FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-Th9am-3:30pm6/30Sutley
After Care - Art & Celebration5-9M-Th3:30pm-6pm6/30TBD
Art & Celebration AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-Th9am-12pm6/30TBD
Stories in Clay AND PrintingPTM-Th9am-3:30pm6/30Metaxas
Flamenco: IntermediateA6:30pm-8pm7/1Botalico
Grand Tour: PUAM [10-12]PTM-F9am-3:30pm7/7Gwazda
Painting Imp & Pop ArtPTM-F9am-3:30pm7/7James
Before Care - Art & The Past5-9M-F8am-9am7/7TBD
Grand Tour: PUAM [13-16]TM-F9am-3:30pm7/7Carlowicz
Figure Draw & IllustrationTM-F9am-3:30pm7/7DiLorenzo
Art & The Past FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-3:30pm7/7Sutley
After Care - Art & The Past5-9M-F3:30pm-6pm7/7TBD
Art & The Past FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-3:30pm7/7Baumann
Flash Animation: Weekday10-12M+Th4:00pm-7:00pm7/7Fellmeth
Art & The Past AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-12pm7/7TBD
Art & The Past AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-12pm7/7Shingle
Video Production [full-day]TM-F9am-3:30pm7/7Sylvan
Art & The Past: Drama AM5-6M-F9am-12pm7/7Kisby
Art & The Past: Drama PM7-9M-F12:30pm-3:30pm7/7Kisby
After Care: Studios #3PTM-F3:30pm-6pm7/7TBD
Flash Animation: Weekend10-1210:00am-4:30pm7/12Fellmeth
Aboriginal & AsiaTM-F9am-3:30pm7/14Metaxas
Asia & Africa: PUAM [10-12]PTM-F9am-3:30pm7/14Gwazda
Art & The Future FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-3:30pm7/14Sutley
Asia & Africa: PUAM [13-16]TM-F9am-3:30pm7/14Dolan
Fashion Week [Full-day]PTM-F9am-3:30pm7/14Laughlin
Flash Animation: Weekday13-16M+Th4:00pm-7:00pm7/14Fellmeth
Before Care - Art & The Future5-9M-F8am-9am7/14TBD
Art & The Future AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-12pm7/14Shingle
After Care: Studios #4PTM-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/14TBD
After Care - Art & The Future5-9M-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/14TBD
Claymation: July [full-day]PTM-F9am-3:30pm7/14Wartenberg
Art & The Future FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-3:30pm7/14Baumann
Art & The Future AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-12pm7/14TBD
Flash Animation: Weekend13-1610:00am-4:30pm7/19Fellmeth
Art & Location FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-3:30pm7/21Baumann
After Care - Art & Location5-9M-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/21TBD
Art & Location FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-3:30pm7/21Gwazda
After Care: Studios #5PTM-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/21TBD
Art & Location AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-12pm7/21TBD
Art & Location AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-12pm7/21Shingle
Before Care - Art & Location5-9M-F8am-9:00am7/21TBD
Watercolor & Ab ExpTM-F9am-3:30pm7/21Shill
Digital FX & WildlifePTM-F9am-3:30pm7/21Hoenig
Art & Location: Drama AM5-6M-F9am-12pm7/21Kisby
Art & Location: Drama PM7-9M-F12:30pm-3:30pm7/21Kisby
Before Care - Art & Nature5-9M-F8am-9:00am7/28TBD
Art & Nature AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-12pm7/28Shingle
Art & Nature AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-12pm7/28TBD
Art & Nature FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-3:30pm7/28Baumann
Art & Nature FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-3:30pm7/28TBD
After Care - Art & Nature5-9M-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/28TBD
After Care: Studios #6PTM-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/28TBD
Bolly: Dream, Dance, Drama [full-day]PTM-F9am-3:30pm7/28Kapoor
Books & FiberPTM-F9am-3:30pm7/28Sawires
Paper/Print & PhotoshopTM-F9am-3:30pm7/28Sylvan
Comics & DarkroomPTM-F9am-3:30pm8/4Sylvan
After Care - Art & Materials5-9M-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/4TBD
After Care: Studios #7PTM-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/4TBD
Emotion AND MotionTM-F9am-3:30pm8/4Jenkins
Art & Materials FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-3:30pm8/4Baumann
Art & Materials FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-3:30pm8/4Kisby
Art & Materials AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-12pm8/4TBD
Art & Materials AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-12pm8/4Shingle
Before Care - Art & Materials5-9M-F8am-9:00am8/4TBD
Bollywood: Dance & Art [full-day]PTM-F9am-3:30pm8/4Kapoor
Art & You FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-3:30pm8/11Baumann
Art & You FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-3:30pm8/11Jenkins
After Care: Studios #8PTM-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/11TBD
After Care - Art & You5-9M-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/11TBD
Claymation: Aug [full-day]PTM-F9am-3:30pm8/11Wartenberg
Art & You AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-12pm8/11TBD
Art & You AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-12pm8/11Shingle
Before Care - Art & You5-9M-F8am-9:00am8/11TBD
Photo & EncausticTM-F9am-3:30pm8/11Shatzky
Theater Adventures [full-day]Pre-Teens/TeensM-F9am-3:30pm8/11Kisby
Grounds For PoetryA/TS10:00am-3:00pm8/16Smith
Art & Writings: Drama PM7-9M-F12:30pm-3:30pm8/18Kapoor
Art & Writings: Drama AM5-6M-F9am-12pm8/18Kapoor
After Care: Studios #9PTM-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/18TBD
Art & Writings FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-3:30pm8/18Baumann
After Care - Art & Writings5-9M-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/18TBD
Art & Writings AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-12pm8/18Shingle
Adobe Illustrator PMTM-F12:30pm-3:30pm8/18Sacripante
Art & Writings AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-12pm8/18Kisby
Art & Writings FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-3:30pm8/18Gwazda
Clay Critters & SculptPTM-F9am-3:30pm8/18Jenkins
Order & DisorderTM-F9am-3:30pm8/18James
Adobe Illustrator AMPTM-F9am-12pm8/18Sacripante
Before Care - Art & Writings5-9M-F8am-9:00am8/18TBD
After Care - Art & Legends5-9M-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/25TBD
Art & Legends FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-3:30pm8/25Gwazda
Publish & Eco-PrintPTM-F9am-3:30pm8/25Spiro
Art & Legends AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-12pm8/25Jenkins
After Care: Studios #10PTM-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/25TBD
Pottery 101: Aug [full-day]TM-F9am-3:30pm8/25Preziosi
Before Care - Art & Legends5-9M-F8am-9:00am8/25TBD
Art & Legends AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9am-12pm8/25Shingle
Art & Legends FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9am-3:30pm8/25Baumann
Writing the Familiar: WeekendA/T10:00am-1:00pm9/27Smith
Spr Break: Post-Care5-12M3:30pm-5:15pm3/17TBD
Spr Camp: Art/Music5-12M9am-3:30pm3/17Evans
BollyDivas [Adults]A/TT8pm-9:30pm3/18Kapoor
Open Drawing WorkshopAM7pm-10pm3/24Irving
Under the Big Top I4-6S9:30am-11am3/29Evans
Spanish Dance II5-15S12:30pm-1:30pm3/29Botalico
Spanish Dance III5-15S9:30am-10:30am3/29Botalico
Spanish Dance IV5-15S10:30am-12pm3/29Botalico
Spanish Dance - Level I5-7S1:30pm-2:15pm3/29Botalico
Under the Big Top II7-10S11:30am-1pm3/29Evans
Painting Adventure5-7M4:30pm-5:30pm3/31Gwazda
Portfolio PrepTM6:30pm-8:30pm3/31Neis
Hip Hop: Adults - All LevelsAM7pm-8:30pm3/31Soames
Wheel & Handbuild: Mon PMA/TM6:30pm-9:30pm3/31Adams-Smith
Spring into Art7-10M4:30pm-6:00pm3/31Kisby
Art of Everyday WritingA/TT10am-12pm4/1Smith
Creative Cartooning9-12T4pm-5:30pm4/1Kalison
Creative Construction8-12T4-5:30pm4/1Jenkins
B&W Photography: Int/AdvA/TT6pm-8pm4/1Cook
Drawing Academy - Tues5-9T4:30pm-5:30pm4/1Carlowicz
Ceramics: Indep StudyA/TT10am-1pm4/1Preziosi
3D Discoveries!5-8W4pm-5:00pm4/2Jenkins
Conscious ColorA/TW10am-1pm4/2Bracegirdle
Artist's Way: Spiritual PathA/TW6:30pm-8:30pm4/2Burns
Sculpture StudiesAW10am-1pm4/2Popdimitrov
Art Techniques for CaregiversSW10:30am-12pm4/2Mantell
Flamenco: Adv Beginner/IntAW11:30am-12:30pm4/2Botalico
Intro to FlamencoAW10am-11am4/2Botalico
Collage/Assemblage: Int/AdvA/TTh9:30am-12:30pm4/3Payton
Draw Acad: Rendering 3D10-14Th4:30pm-6:00pm4/3Carlowicz
Painting StudiesA/TTh9:30am-12:30pm4/3Popdimitrov
Wheel & Handbuild: TH AMA/TTh10am-1pm4/3Martino
Drawing Academy - Thurs5-9Th3:30pm-4:30pm4/3Carlowicz
Alla Prima Painting: W/S (Apr)A/T4/4Lafuente
Portrait Studies: Draw & Paint FRIA/TF9:30am-12:30pm4/4Popdimitrov
Fashion Illustration: Digital13-16S3:30pm-5:00pm4/5Becker
Digital Camera BasicsA/TS10am-12pm4/5Stadelmeier
New Photoshop BasicsA/TS12:30pm-3:00pm4/5Stadelmeier
Painting: Personal ApproachA/TM1:00pm-4:00pm4/7Smith
Printmaking [PM]A/TM6:30pm-9:30pm4/7Metaxas
Intro to Abstraction: PaintingAT1pm-3:00pm4/8Viera
Int/Adv Draw & PaintAT9:30am-12:30pm4/8Viera
Onstage & Backstage9-12W3:30pm-5:00pm4/9Kisby
Stagecraft: Home School6-10W1:30pm-3:00pm4/9Kisby
Art A to Z: Home School "A"4-6W1:30pm-3:00pm4/9Gwazda
Nature & Sci: Camouflage8-12W1:30pm-3:00pm4/9Hoenig
Stories on Stage6-9W3:30pm-4:30pm4/9Kisby
Ceramics for Home School13-16W1:30-3pm4/9Preziosi
Teen CeramicsTTh4pm-5:30pm4/10Borawski
Beg/Int Draw & PaintA/TTh1pm-3:00pm4/10Viera
Beginner DrawingA/TTh9:30am-12:30pm4/10Viera
Compositional ElementsA/TTh1pm-4:00pm4/10Brown