Watershed: Spring Studies in Watercolor

Intermediate to Advanced

This spring, students will focus on watercolor techniques and colorful spring displays of flowers and plants around us. The emphasis will be on the beauty, flexibility and special properties of watercolor: wet and dry techniques, color mixing, design and composition. Experienced members of the group may focus on challenging their skills with new pigments, papers and combined media. This class takes place at the Watershed located at 31 Titus Mill Road, Pennington, NJ.

Location: Water Shed

Ages: Adults

Monday, 10:00am-1:00pm

May 1 - Jun 12

- No class May 29

$220/$195 Member

Instructor: Gail Bracegirdle
Limit:10 students

If you already have supplies, bring what you have. If not, here are some recommendations:

Watercolor Paint in pans or tubes

Pans: I recommend the Yarka Original set of 24. Available at Cheap Joe's, Utrecht, or Dick Blick

Tubes: I recommend Winsor & Newton. They are top notch, professional grade paints.

You will need the following basic colors:
1. Ultramarine Blue
2. Cerulean Blue
3. Red rose deep or any red that is on the cool side. Permanent Rose, Rose Madder, or Quinacridone Red will all work.
4. Cadmium Red Light
5. Cadmium yellow
6. Lemon yellow
7. Sepia or Vandyke brown

Be sure the brushes you get are specifically designed for watercolor. Not for oil or acrylic. My favorite is Winsor Newton Scepter Gold. It is a blend of sable and synthetic.

1" wide flat wash brush
# 2, 4, and 6 Watercolor round brushes (A "round" is a brush that comes to a point)

Cold Press Watercolor Paper
In pads or blocks, 9x12 or 11x14. An excellent quality paper is Arches 140# cold press paper. It comes in blocks or full sheets (20x30) which can be cut.

Palette with a lid
Water containers (2)
Rags or Paper Towels
Drawing Pencils: H or HB
Pencil sharpener
Kneaded erasers
Drafting Tape

Optional: Spray Bottle

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