Art Journaling: Writing & Painting at Morven

All Levels

Students will create an artist journal based on Morven's gardens and learn how to use at least three different mediums as they draw and create a collection of sketches, paintings and collages. They will observe the roots of plants and use them as a metaphor to their own personal writings about life´s parallels. The ideas that come from using the five senses will also be encouraged with writing prompts for very basic poetry and prose. Still life arrangements will be used with the addition of fruits and vegetables from the garden. The use of primary colors and their complements will be explored in many ways.

Location: Morven

Ages: 15+

Tuesday, 11:00am-1:00pm

May 22 - Jun 26

$190/$165 Member

Instructor: Dressler Smith
Limit:8 students

watercolor pencils set of 12
cloth hand towel
fine point marker
one basic paint brush # 8
glue stick
pencil # 2H
small containers for water
old National Geographic or Magazines of student's choice
a book for journaling, 9 X 12 or larger with watercolor mixed media paper

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