Nature Journal: Watershed

All Levels

Students will look at various examples of nature journals as inspiration for creating one of their very own. After meeting indoors for a brief period of instruction, students will set off into the woods with their journal and art supplies in hand. Upon return at the end of the session, they will have the opportunity to share their personal journals and discuss the experience.

Location: Water Shed

Ages: 15+

Saturday, 9:00am-12:00pm

Nov 5 - Nov 19

$135/$110 Member

Instructor: Ruth Councell
Limit:12 students

Please bring a fairly small spiral bound sketchbook. Below are two recommendations but there are many more out there. Choose one that feels right to you.

Hand Book Watercolor Journals
Different Sizes
Cold Press Watercolor paper
$9.79- 13 at Cheap Joe´s on line

Strathmore Visual Journals
Bristol Vellum paper
$5.19 at Jerry´s Artarama

Bring minimal supplies:
drawing pencils
kneaded erasers
pencil sharpener
waterproof fine line felt pens

You may also want to bring:
A small travel set of watercolors
Water container, brushes and rags
Colored pencils
A portable chair or seat

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