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New Classes in Orange A Adults   C Children  PT Pre-Teens  S Seniors  T Teens
Class Title Age Day Time Start Instructor
Young Artist: Basics I6-92:00pm-4:00pm11/4Carlowicz
Anthropods Design6-18T6:30pm-8:00pm10/17Duque
Bilingual Puppet ArtsChildren/TeensT4:00pm-6:00pm10/10Firbas, Olivares-Weber
Sew What?!TF3:30pm-5:00pm10/6Firbas
Wonders of WeavingTTh5:00pm-6:30pm9/28Albertson
Academic Drawing & Painting I: After SchoolTW3:30pm-4:30pm9/27Carlowicz
Spanish Dance - IntroChildren/Pre-TeensS9:30am-10:30am9/23Botalico
Spanish Through Art IPTS9:30am-11:00pm9/23Olivares-Weber
Young Artist: Basics I6-9S9:30am-11:30am9/23Carlowicz
Spanish Dance - Level 2All AgesS10:30am-11:30am9/23Botalico
Spanish Through Art IITS11:30am-1:30pm9/23Olivares-Weber
Spanish Dance - Level 3All AgesS11:30am-12:30pm9/23Botalico
Creative ConstructionCW4:00pm-5:30pm9/20Jenkins
Building BasicsCT7:00pm-8:00pm9/19Jenkins
Environmental ArtTT4:30pm-6:00pm9/19Duque
Learn to Knit: Home SchoolAT7:30pm-9:00pm9/19Toth
The Stone Age FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/28Olivares-Weber
The Stone Age AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm8/28TBD
The Stone Age AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm8/28TBD
Before Care: The Stone AgeCM-F8:00am-9:00am8/28TBD
After Care: The Stone AgeCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/28TBD
The Stone Age FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/28Wartenberg
The Stone Age FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/28Wartenberg
After Care: Greek/Roman/EgyptianCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/21TBD
Greeks, Romans & Egyptians FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/21Dolan
Greeks, Romans & Egyptians AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm8/21Dolan
Greeks, Romans & Egyptians FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/21Kisby
Greeks, Romans & Egyptians AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm8/21Shingle
Greeks, Romans & Egyptians FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/21Kisby
Before Care: Greek/Roman/EgyptianCM-F8:00am-9:00am8/21TBD
Greeks, Romans & Egyptians AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/21Firbas
Greeks, Romans & Egyptians AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/21Olivares-Weber
Art of Asia AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm8/14Shingle
After Care: Art of AsiaCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/14TBD
Art of Asia FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/14Razza
Art of Asia AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm8/14Razza
Art of Asia FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/14Wartenberg
Before Care: Art of AsiaCM-F8:00am-9:00am8/14TBD
Art of Asia AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm8/14Wartenberg
Art of Asia FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/14Kisby
After Care: The Middle AgesCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm8/7TBD
Middle Ages AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm8/7Shingle
Middle Ages AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm8/7McGill
Middle Ages FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/7Razza
Middle Ages FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm8/7Dolan
Before Care: The Middle AgesCM-F8:00am-9:00am8/7TBD
After Care: The ClassicsCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/31TBD
The Classics AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/31Dolan
Realism: Combined Art & Drama[5-8 yrs]5-8M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/31Greenblatt
Realism: Combined Drama & Art Camp [6-9 yrs]6-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/31Greenblatt
Before Care: The ClassicsCM-F8:00am-9:00am7/31TBD
The Classics Drama PM [6-9 yrs]6-9M-F12:30pm-3:30pm7/31Greenblatt
The Classics FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/31Shingle
The Classics FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/31Razza
The Classics Drama AM [5-8 yrs]5-8M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/31Greenblatt
The Classics AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/31Shingle
Realism FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/24McGill
Realism AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/24McGill
Realism FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/24Shingle
Realism: Combined Drama & Art Camp [5-8 yrs] (Dram5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/24Greenblatt
Realism: Combined Drama & Art PM [6-9 yrs] (Art AM7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/24Greenblatt
Realism: Drama AM [5-8 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/24Greenblatt
Realism AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/24Shingle
Realism: Drama PM [6-9 yrs]7-9M-F12:30pm-3:30pm7/24Greenblatt
Before Care: RealismCM-F8:00am-9:00am7/24TBD
After Care: RealismCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/24TBD
Impression vs Expression FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/17Dolan
Before Care: Impression/ExpressionCM-F8:00am-9:00am7/17TBD
After Care: Impression/ExpressionCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/17TBD
Impression vs Expression AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/17Dolan
Impression vs Expression FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/17Kardos
Impression vs Expression AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/17Shingle
Drawing and Painting for Kids5-8Th4:30pm-6:00pm7/13Hockstein
Before Care: It's All SurrealCM-F8:00am-9:00am7/10TBD
After Care: It's All SurrealCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/10TBD
It's All Surreal FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/10Wartenberg
It's All Surreal AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/10Shingle
It's All Surreal AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/10McGill
It's All Surreal FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/10McGill
It's All Surreal: Drama AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/10Greenblatt
After Care: Modern ArtCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm7/3TBD
Modern Art AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/3Shingle
Modern Art AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/3Dolan
Modern Art FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/3Dolan
Modern Art: Drama PM [5-9 yrs]7-9M-F12:30pm-3:30pm7/3Greenblatt
Modern Art: Drama AM [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-12:00pm7/3Greenblatt
Before Care:: Modern ArtCM-F8:00am-9:00am7/3TBD
Modern Art FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm7/3Graham
Before Care: Art of the FutureCM-F8:00am-9:00am6/26TBD
After Care: Art of the FutureCM-F3:30pm-6:00pm6/26TBD
Art of the Future FD [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-3:30pm6/26Dolan
Art of the Future AM [7-9 yrs]7-9M-F9:00am-12:00pm6/26Wartenberg
Art of the Future FD [5-6 yrs]5-6M-F9:00am-3:30pm6/26Shingle